American Village & Star Wars

On Independence Day, the family (minus myself, since I was still stuck in Philly) went to American Village for the festivities and fireworks there.

President Rob?

Katie peeking through the desk door

Rob plays some ball & paddle game. He has to launch the ball with his foot from that wooden contraption & then hit it.

Katie rolls the hoop

Rob's turn!

Daniel is not amused.

The Troublemaking Trio 🙂

After the 4th, Rob went to stay with Grandmother & Granddaddy Olejnik for a week. They went panning for gold in Dahlonega.

The day after my birthday (I was finally home at that point), we went to the Space & Rocket Center. We had been wanting to see the new traveling Star Wars exhibit (especially Rob!).

A replica of the gantry the Apollo astronauts had to walk across.


One of the actual X-Wing models used in the movie. Unfortunately, most of the pictures didn't come out so good because of the very low light levels.

Everyone's favorite astromech!

Katie could easily hide in R2!

Daniel & Mommy with Luke's landspeeder

Rob with the Han Solo & Chewbacca costumes

Come to the Dark Side - we have cookies!


Two very *big* Wookies from Revenge of the Sith.

I love roller coasters. I love thrill rides. This thing - not so much.

And a couple of extra pics….

Daniel was very determined to play Connect 4.

First day of school! (Sorry for the blurriness. You try to get all of them to stay still at once!)


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