Spring (Summer?!?) update

Sorry about the lack of updates, but work has kept me….. occupied.  I’ve been stuck in Philadelphia since late January (2 weeks there, weekend home, wash, rinse, repeat) doing work for the company site there.  I’m ready to be home now.  Thankfully my last day there will be July 9th.  Anyway, since I’ve been stuck here, I haven’t had an opportunity to upload any pictures we took, so now I’m taking the time to backfill some.  As soon as I figure out an easy way to get the pictures off my phone, I’ll load some from that as well.

After Christmas, we went to the Tennessee Aquarium.

Daniel enjoyed the butterfly house

Big crab! Katie poses (cowers?) in front, while Daniel and Rob are behind.

Daniel doesn't care what's going on - he's just having fun!

Unda da Seeeeee!

*blub* (I found Nemo!)

"Fish? What fish? I'm just glad to be out of the stroller!"

Rob and Katie play on the "broken" path outside the aquarium.

Katie's 6th birthday!

"Pleeeeeze drop some food!"

Rob's 10th birthday! (He's really a decade old now?!??)

I designed a new set of shelves for our closet, and my dad (Granddaddy Olejnik) built them for us.

The newly filled closet. The new shelves are great, and keep our closet nicely organized!

Easter! Daniel went right for the basket, and we only had to show him what to do once. After that, he was off!

Katie looking nice in her Easter dress

Here's what I've been doing for the last several months. I love flying, I could just do without the whole airport experience though.


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