more spring pics

Hey whaddya know, I figured out how to get the pictures off my phone!  Tiny little removable memory card I got today (better not sneeze around this thing).  Our phones don’t have the best camera (pretty lousy actually), but it’s better than nothing.

Daniel playing in the sandbox. He really likes it there!

Daniel and Katie playing at the McWayne Center in Birmingham.

Katie lost her two front teeth! (No, Zoe didn't knock them out like Rob's!)

Daniel cruising the living room with his backpack

Rob's 4th grade class took an all-day trip to Montgomery to visit the Capital and some museums. Michele came along as a chaperone.

The inside of the capitol's dome

Daniel figured out how to use the stools to get up to the counter. In Michele's words, "Help!"

Rob and Katie are back in swimming lessons for the first time since moving to Huntsville. They're doing really good!

Like Rob, Katie has now started Tang Soo Do lessons. She seems to be enjoying them.

Michele took away the stools. Daniel improvised.

More to come soon!


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