Holidays 2009

We’ve got a lot of pictures from the holidays this year.  We had all the grandparents here for a very nice Christmas.  But first, we’re backtracking a bit to Halloween!  Pictures after the fold…

Katie in her kitty costume sits on the windowsill with Sneezy.

Rob as a glowing eyed reaper, Katie the cat, and Daniel in a pirate shirt.

Katie in one of her last soccer games this year. She can really run!

Next we’ve got some pictures from Thanksgiving.  We went down to Birmingham to visit with Granddaddy Mitchell and some of the rest of Michele’s family.  Wendy and Pete were also able to make it down from North Carolina, so the kids were able to spend some time with them as well.  Instead of just lazing around the apartment, we went to the McWayne Science Center one day, and to the Tannehill Iron Works another.

At the McWayne Center, Rob helps Aunt Wendy and Uncle Pete build an arch.

Daniel and Katie pilot a mouse-sized sub.

Daniel has fun with a large pin wall.

I don't think the cannon's going anywhere, Rob!

I don't think the cannon's going anywhere, Rob!

Tannehill's quite an impressive facility.

Rob and Katie take their usual pose.

I'm not sure that old farm equipment makes a good playground.

And finally we get back to Christmas!  A couple days before Christmas, we went downtown to Santa’s Village, just like we’ve done the last few years.

Sitting with Santa. Daniel had the same reaction that he had to the Disney characters!

Christmas Morning! Santa brought Rob a Rancor from Star Wars.

Daniel got a big ride-on dump truck from Santa.

And Santa brought Katie a new Hello Kitty bike.

Looks like the truck is a hit with Daniel!

Posing in front of the tree before the chaos. Grandmother and Granddaddy Olejnik and Granddaddy Mitchell were there too, but they were usually behind the cameras.

"Wait, I'm *allowed* to tear it now?"

Katie got a very nice dollhouse!

Zoe is very happy that Bruce sent us a genuine Afghan rug from Afghanistan.

Having fun with new toys!

Rob with his stash. We haven't seen him much since, because he's busy with a new Nintendo game!

Star Wars and Lego - the perfect matchup!

Michele criticized me for days because she said I wrapped a "box of air". Here's her reaction when she realizes that I actually got her a pair of tickets to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra!

Katie tries out her new bike.

Daniel and Zoe. They seem to have really bonded. Of course, that might be because Daniel drops her a lot of food from his tray!


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