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Tang Soo Do

A couple of months ago, Rob started taking Tang Soo Do (kinda pronounced like Tongue Sue Dough) lessons at the YMCA.  When starting out, everyone begins with a white belt.  On Wednesday, Rob had his first test and passed to the next rank!  He’s still a white belt, but now it has a black stripe on the end (don’t ask me what the ranks mean).

Rob is attempting to break a board. He was upset that he wasn't able to do it this time, but he's done it before. He wasn't required to break it this time to pass.

Rob is getting his stripe from the instructor.


A few extra pics

I know we have some pictures that we need to download off the camera, but in the meantime, here’s some pictures I took with my phone.  The pictures aren’t very good quality, but they’re better than nothing!

Something left over from the Magic Kingdom. The is Katie flying the Astro Orbiter. If you look real close, you can see part of the castle to the left of that yellow structure.

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Disney World – Days 5 & 6

On day 5 we went back to the Magic Kingdom, hitting some of the rides we missed before, taking things at a more leisurely pace, and spending some time with Grandmother and Granddaddy Olejnik.  They were supposed to stay with us until we left on Saturday (this was Thursday), but they got a call around noon that their house had been broken into.  So they had to go back home after only spending one full day with us.  Later, the police did arrest the guy who did it and managed to recover most of their stuff he had taken.


Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!

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