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Fun fourth and other stuff

The kids have been traveling quite a bit since the last update.  As seen in the pictures below, we visited Granddaddy Mitchell and went to the Birmingham Zoo back in early June.  Then Katie went with him up to North Carolina to visit Aunt Wendy and Uncle Pete.

For Independence Day, we went to the American Village, which is just south of Birmingham.  Lots of things going on there, including a small battle reenactment.  Rob was constantly talking about entering the blueberry pie eating contest, and was just as shocked as we were when he was one of five picked out of probably a couple hundred.  He quickly found out he doesn’t really like blueberries!

Rob is currently visiting Grandmother and Granddaddy Olejnik, where he went to a car show and air show.  They happened to run into Ron Evans, my high school band director, at the car show.


random pics

Just a few random pictures.  The first 3 are from my phone, which is the reason for the low quality.  The drums were in my cube at work because of the picnic.  And that look on Katie’s face is just priceless!

The last pic was taken several months ago by my dad, when Rob was learning to ride his bike.