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March update

It’s Pinewood Derby time again! Rob came up with a nifty design all on his own this time – a Scout! He managed to get 4th in looks this time, which is still good enough to go on to the District Pinewood Derby, which is on March 14th. And he did pretty well in speed, too, managing to get (I think) 7th overall out of about 40.

We had Daniel baptized in February. Father Mike let Rob and Katie be involved in the ceremony too, which was nice.

Nap time with Daddy!

On March 1st, we had the only significant snowfall we’ve seen since moving to Alabama. Rob and I had some fun throwing some snowballs.

One of Michele’s cousins, Rob Mitchell, is enlisted in the Army Rangers, and was in Afghanistan for a while. Back in December, he got back from a patrol, and his CO told him to get cleaned up quickly. He had been planning on re-enlisting, and they were going to go ahead and swear him in. He got there, and discovered that the person doing the swearing-in was President Bush! I think he really worried his parents when he called them in the middle of the night after that. Rob is the one nearest the camera in the first picture, and the second to Bush’s left in the second picture.